For users where staying at their desk all day isn't an option the Telefield IP160 VoIP business telephone can meet their mobility and telephony needs. Each base station can support up to 6 HD Voice DECT Telefield IP060 Handsets or Telefield IP070 Deskphones making setting up a flexible office space easy.



Product Description

Part of the Telefield line of DECT VoIP phones, the IP160 has been designed to help businesses create a low-cost wireless VoIP system allowing for greater mobility in the work place.

Telefield IP160 Calling Features:

For ease of call management the phone features a numerical keypad and dedicated keys for popular calling features.

  •  Call
  •  End
  •  Voicemail
  •  Handset Locator
  •  Mute/Cancel
  •  Volume Controls
  •  Speakerphone
  •  Headset Jack
  •  And a Navigation Wheel


The Telefield IP160 also features 2 soft keys on the handset and the Base Station features a Page button.

Telefield IP160 Call Handling:

For call handling the Telefield IP160 offers users several options including:

  •  An HD Voice Handset
  •  A Full Duplex Speakerphone
  •  And the ability to use a Headset with the 2.5mm headset jack


The Telefield IP160 does not currently support EHS.

Telefield IP160 System Expansion:

Each Telefield IP160 Base Station can be paired with a combination of up to six (6) IP060 handsets or IP070 deskphones. This makes creating a wireless workspace that can grow with your businesses easy.

Telefield IP160 Voice Codec Support:

The IP160 supports a wide spectrum of voice codecs including:

  •  G 722 (Wideband)
  •  G 711 U/A
  •  G 726
  •  G 729
  •  iLBC

Telefield IP160 Networking Features:

For ease of deployment the Telefield IP160 Basestation features:

  •  Dual 10/100 Ethernet ports (LAN/WAN) allowing it to pass through internet connectivity to a PC or other devices
  •  The IP160 supports Auto Provisioning and SRTP/HTTPS/TLS for simple remote deployment
  •  The IP160 is powered with the included AC Power Supply

Telefield IP160 Platform Certifications:

The Telefield IP160 has been certified on with a wide range of hosted and premise based IP PBX solutions.

  •  Asterisk
  •  Broadsoft
  •  Elastix
  •  Metaswitch

What Comes in the Box?

The Telefield IP160 ships with the following items:

  •  IP160 Handset
  •  Handset Cradle
  •  Handset Clip
  •  DECT Base Station
  •  2 AAA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries
  •  2 AC Adapters
  •  Instruction Booklet
  •  Connection and Quick Start Guide
  •  Registration Card
  •  2 Year Warranty
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